Case Study: IntelliResponse

Acquiring Enterprise Customers With B2B Lead Gen Tactics

IntelliResponse, now acquired by [24]7, is a Sequoia-backed startup that provides omnichannel virtual agent solutions to enterprise-level companies.

The Situation:

I was initially brought on to optimize their Google AdWords account and to create custom Google Analytics reports, but my responsibilities grew as I demonstrated the ability to deliver tangible results on time and on budget.

IntelliResponse was seeking to increase the number of qualified leads per month. The challenge? Targeting the right senior-level decision-makers with the right message on the right online channels, as well as speeding up the prolonged sales cycle with an innovative strategy.

My Contributions:

— Day-to-day management of all paid advertising campaigns, including search, display, and remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing Ads and AdRoll

— Ongoing optimization of LinkedIn Ad campaigns

— Created a SEO-friendly and engagement-driven editorial calendar for the blog

— SEO keyword research and competitive analysis

— Management of social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

— Design and deployment of PPC landing pages

— Preparation of monthly marketing reports

The Results:

— Generated a substantial amount of new leads per month while decreasing the cost per acquisition by 4.61%

— Click conversion rate for retargeting ads increased by 175%

— CTR for Google search ads increased by 197.95%

— Organic traffic increased by 7.06%

— 5 important target keywords reached #1 organic ranking on Google

— Social shares increased by 350%

— 3 videos achieved top organic ranking in YouTube for 6 target keywords

— The quality of leads in target verticals improved month over month

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