Case Study: AXIS

Sleek Website for a Sleek Product

With the introduction of a new breed of portable and customizable blinds that fit a wide range of windows, I was brought on to lay the foundations for a full-scale launch campaign. Knowing that everything ties back to the customers and their needs, developing a buyer persona was my number one priority. Interviews were conducted over the phone to gain a deeper understanding of AXIS’ perspective buyers and to drum up initial interests for the product, get their feedback and ensure product/market fit.

Once the buyer persona was nailed down, I developed a launch plan for the new product launch – by leveraging owned, earned and paid media channels. The goal? Focusing on getting sales online while ramping up brand awareness.

A homepage mockup was then created to revamp the existing website, taking into account the insights gained through the buyer persona development process and following conversion optimization best practices. The new website was mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and sports a sleek and minimalist look – which perfectly fits the brand image – with fast loading time to boot. The visuals presented an urban lifestyle fantasy that beautifully showcased AXIS blinds as a centerpiece in a brightly-lit apartment. The copy and call to actions throughout the website were written with the singular goal of getting site visitors to convert.

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