Case Study: AppMakr

SaaS StartUp Gets a Conversion Boost

AppMakr is a popular do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone make their own app without having to write a single line of code. To date, more than 2.8 million apps have been created through AppMakr, spanning across 13 different app categories. Their lean organizational structure and Cloud-based business model allow them to recruit the best and the brightest talent from around the world.

By late 2014, AppMakr was rapidly expanding and the timing was perfect for solidifying their digital marketing infrastructure to fully capitalize on that growth. CEO Jay Shapiro enlisted my help to take AppMakr to the next level using Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Facebook Ads:

Based on research of their target markets, I knew that Facebook Ads was a great point of entry to connect with AppMakr’s potential customers. Besides the traditional news feed and sidebar ads, I wanted to experiment with Facebook’s custom audience feature. AppMakr kept records of customers who have previously created an app using their platform. This created the perfect opportunity to target similar people on Facebook based on that dataset. I further segmented the audience into more specific ad sets to distinguish between paying and non-paying customers.

Once the Facebook ads had been created, I continued to compare ad performances over time and tweaked different elements of the campaigns until the best possible results were attained.

Google AdWords:

Prior to my involvement, AppMakr had already built up a variety of AdWords campaigns, but was unhappy with the results. So when I joined the team, my first order of business was to initiate a thorough audit of their AdWords account to uncover the critical issues that were holding them back.

I have examined the following aspects of the AdWords account in my audit:

— Budget allocation

— Max CPC

— Devices targeting

— Naming convention

— Keywords

— Ad extensions

— Conversion tracking

— Ads and keywords matching

— Negative keywords

— Ad copy

— Calls to action

— Display URLs

— Keywords match types

— Quality Score

— Remarketing

— Display ads placements

— Display ads creative

This thorough audit revealed many issues that needed fixing as well as many opportunities that we could explore. I have implemented the necessary changes to make these campaigns run better, including adding more negative keywords, adjusting bids for high-performing devices, adding keywords to display URLs, segmenting keywords into tighter ad groups, changing keyword match types, adding ad extensions, and reallocating the budget to increase conversions.

New campaigns were created for the search and display networks, as well as remarketing. By targeting both branded and broader key phrases for search ads, segmenting our audience for remarketing, and matching site placements to different user intents for display ads, we captured traffic that were highly relevant, leading to higher conversions at lower costs. These campaigns were continually A/B tested in order to attain lower costs per acquisition.

In the end, the efficiency of AppMakr’s paid advertising campaigns were massively improved. Clickthrough-rate increased by nearly 50% during the few months that I had managed their AdWords account. During the same period of time time, converted clicks increased by 126.4% while the cost per converted clicks went down by 56.1%. Most importantly, my efforts have generated an unprecedented amount of conversions and put a huge smile on my client’s face.

Over the years I've hired literally hundreds of digital marketers, but Flora stands out amongst them. I found her through a very articulate / well thought out blog post that she had written on Net Promoter Score. I offered her a consulting gig to work with AppMakr on our digital demand generation activities and she's been a super-star. Flora has focused on optimizing our existing multi-market, multi-lingual AdWords campaign, as well as creating high-conversion direct response landing pages. In both cases, Flora was extremely well organized, communicative and strategic in all of her interactions. It's been a pleasure working with her.

CEO, AppMakr

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