The Most Comprehensive List of

Free Online Marketing Tools

Is it possible to build a great marketing stack consisted of only free tools? That’s the question I set out to answer when I began to compile this list of online marketing tools.

20+ hours of research and 160+ tools later, I can safely claim that, the answer to my initial question is a resounding YES.

I have grouped these free marketing tools into the following categories:

— Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

— Social Media

— Content Marketing

— Influencer Marketing

— Email Marketing


— Web Analytics

— Others

I have triple checked each of these tools to ensure that they're free or at least have a free version that provides some utility — not a product demo or product trial. In most cases, a premium version is also available that allows you to unlock even more features.

This list will be frequently updated. If you’re interested in having your free marketing tool added to this list, please send me an email with a link and a short description. Thank you!

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SEO Keyword Research

Google Trends can help you determine which search terms are trending upward in popularity.


Best keyword research tool available. You need an AdWords account to use it. This tool is primarily designed for paid search but has some value for SEO keyword research as well.


This is a keyword suggestion tool that offers extensive, highly relevant suggestions from a constantly updated database of more than a billion keywords. Their database incorporates keywords from diverse sources—not just Google.


Obtain a list of related keywords when you provide a broad keyword term, which you can then download.


This tool allows you to spy on your competitors’ organic keywords and their ranks.


Great supplementary keyword research tool that provides search volumes for suggested keywords.


The free version of this tool can generate up to 100 keyword ideas for you, along with estimated search volumes.


Keyword Tool helps you find the keywords that people are typing into Google search box. A great alternative to Google Keyword Planner.


A neat tool that suggests topically relevant words to use in your content.


Want to know which position your website is ranking for your target keywords? Use this tool to find out.

SEO On-Page Optimization

Run a quick check-up on any website to uncover SEO issues including keyword usage, robots.txt, site map, speed optimizations and mobile usability.


The IIS SEO Toolkit includes the Site Analysis module, the Robots Exclusion module, and the Sitemaps and Site Indexes modules, which let you perform detailed analysis of your site’s SEO performance.


This tool reviews your site’s SEO, usability, mobile rendering and social shareability.


Unlike most of SEO analysis tools on this list, Marketing Grader takes a holistic approach to review your digital marketing efforts.


This tool analyzes your on-page SEO implementation, including external and internal links, HTML header, content, and social signals.


Traffic Travis is a free-to-download desktop application that performs a full SEO health check on any website and uncovers technical issues. It could also help you track rankings, analyze keyword difficulty, and find competitor backlinks.


This SEO analysis tool will analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages.


Lipperhey is an online SEO service that analyzes and objectively assesses the quality, searchability and popularity of your website.


Free SEO Report Card can determine if your site adheres to SEO best practices, as well as measure your site’s keyword ranks against your competitor’s.


This Google tool tests your site’s mobile friendliness and loading speed, then sends you a report with specific fixes that you can implement.


Yaost is a must-have SEO plugin for WordPress. Its features include: content analysis based on target keyword, optimize post titles and meta descriptions, readability check, permalink clean-up and much more.


This tool is helpful for analyzing internal links, keyword density, meta description, and page content on any webpage.


An online software that analyzes your Google Analytics data and alerts you when there are website improvements that you should make.


A great tool that shows you the density percentages of all keywords on any webpage.


As the name implies, this tool is used to identify over-optimized anchor text.


A WordPress plugin that lets you optimize your title tags, mass edit meta descriptions and slugs.


This tool lets you mock up Google search results so you can preview what your content would look like on SERPs. 

Backlink Investigation

The free version of this tool limits you to running 3 reports per day and accessing 1000 backlinks per site. You will receive a summary regarding your Page Authority, Domain Authority, social metrics, inbound links and linking domains.


A free account gives you the basics such as referring domains, external backlinks, referring IP addresses, etc.


WhoLinksToMe claims to provide an independent, up-to-date link index by crawling the web.


Link Diagnosis works best with the corresponding Firefox extension, and gives you detailed information on backlinks, link type, anchor text, mozRank, Page Authority , PageRank and Domain Authority.

Site Crawlability

This tool automatically creates a sitemap for your site that can be submitted to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to help them crawl your website better.


The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a small desktop program that spiders websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps from a search engine’s perspective. Free to install.


This tool can checks all the links on a website, in addition to finding internal and external errors and redirects.


A Chrome plugin that checks for broken links on any webpage. The results can be exported to a .csv file.


This tool checks for broken links on any website, as well as issuing a report that you can email to anyone.

Duplicate Content

To use this plagiarism checker, simply copy and paste your content into the text box and click on the button that says “Check for plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.


Duplication detection software that checks an entire webpage for content that are similar to other sites.


PlagSpotter is a web duplicate content checking and monitoring tool that provides free originality and sources report.


Siteliner is great at finding duplicate content and broken links. More importantly, you can see how your site stacks up against other sites in terms of page load time, text to HTML ratio, links per page and more.


Similar Page Checker compares the content between two webpages to determine the percentage of similarity between them. 

Local SEO

Moz Local’s Check Listing tool lets you audit your business’ NAP (name, address, phone number) across main citation sources (such as Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, etc) for consistency.

Algorithm Updates

MozCast makes it effortless and fun to keep up with Google’s algorithm updates, by using a weather analogy. 

SEO Analysis

Use this FireFox add-on to check your website’s organic rankings in all major search engines.


Whether you’re working on on-page SEO or off-page SEO, this tool makes your SEO work easier by adding a range of functions to Excel. SeoTools also contains integrations to popular services such as Google Analytics, Adwords, and Facebook, which allows you to export data straight to Excel.


If you’re using Excel extensively for SEO purposes, this Excel-enhancing tool is for you. SEOgadget directly connects to Majestic SEO and Moz, so you can save time importing and manipulating external data.


MozBar is a browser extension that conducts SEO analysis on any page that you’re browsing. 


This Chrome extension by Alexa provides at-a-glance information on traffic rankings, related links, search queries that drive traffic to the site, and how a site looked in the past. 


This tool will analyze your website and produce a comprehensive SEO report on your website’s speed, social impact, keywords, indexed pages and more.

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Social Media

Social Media Management is the easiest way to grow social following, manage social engagement, and find influencers on social media.


HootSuite allows you to manage and schedule posts to multiple social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is a free service that lets you schedule your Twitter messages. This very simple tool comes with an unique (albeit strange) option to “flip” the tweet.


You can schedule recurring Facebook updates or schedule tweets from multiple Twitter accounts.


DynamicTweets allows individuals or businesses to schedule tweets to be posted at a specified day and time in the future. The most unique feature of Dynamic Tweets is the option to upload a CSV file of pre-written tweets.


Twuffer allows users to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release.


All-in-one social media management platform that encompasses social media lead generation, marketing, customer support and engagement automation. The free version allows you to manage up to 5 social media profiles, and provides basic features such as social scheduling, social media based CRM and reporting tools.


A handy link management platform that comes with many useful features such as URL shortening, link tagging, traffic monitoring, referrals monitoring and detailed analytics for the links you share.


Powerful social media tool that allows you to schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place. The forever free plan lets you connect 1 profile from each social network and schedule 10 posts per social account at any one time.


Crowdfire finds content that your audience will love and post it on your social media at the best time.


A social media management tool for Twitter. The free version of ManageFlitter allows you to unfollow inactive users, fake/spam accounts and people who are not following you back.


A free bookmarklet that instantly find sentences under 140 characters on any webpage so you can easily share them on Twitter with one click.


Content curation and scheduling platform for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. DrumUp scours the web to find share-worthy articles that you can add to your share queue with a single click.


Free tool that streamlines the Facebook contest management process for you. The types of contests it supports include: sweepstakes, quiz and photo contest.


A great Twitter management tool for real-time tracking, organizing and engagement. 


All-in-one social media management software that schedules social posts, monitors keywords, helps you find people to follow and more. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, RSS feeds, blog and Plurk. 


Great multimedia content curation tool for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.


Social Media Analytics

TweetReach lets you track a specific tweet or conversation on Twitter. You can see all activities, top contributors as well as the reach of your tweets.


Combing social monitoring, social attribution and social analytics features, Simply Measured helps you quantify results (traffic, revenue, etc) for each piece of content you share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.


Popular Twitter analytics tool that allows you to compare Twitter bios, analyze your followers and optimize your Twitter activities based on what your followers like.


Tweriod analyzes your Twitter account and your followers’ tweets to determine the best times for you to tweet.


A free tool from Sprout Social that gauges your average response time and response rate on Twitter.


This tool assesses your Facebook Page (likes growth, engagement rate, timing, length of posts, etc) and then provides you with actionable recommendations on improving it. You can also see how your Page stacks up against similar brands.


Fanpage Karma can analyze engagement, best times for posting, best topics, types of posts and more. The features available for the free version are limited.


This simple tool helps you track social shares for any URL.


This Twitter Analytics tool lets you compare your Twitter account against others to gain insights into your Twitter performance.


Benchmark your Facebook Page against 18,304 other Pages to see if your Page is performing above average. This tool will also inform you of any metrics that require your immediate attention.


A free Chrome extension that helps you navigate social media data (Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to gain insight into your social connections with power users.


Social Listening

SocialMention is a free social media listening tool that aggregates user generated content from 100+ social media sources. SocialMention allows you to listen in on recent social conversations about any topic or brand and provide relevant stats.


Twazzup is an intuitive Twitter monitoring tool. You just enter the name, brand or company name you want to track and you instantly get real-time updates of mentions of these terms on Twitter.


This tool offers blog, Twitter and Facebook monitoring in 20 languages, as well as results graphs that you can play with. It allows you to choose the periods of time you are interested in monitoring.

Social Sharing

Sumo displays mobile-friendly social share buttons on your website so your visitors can share your content on social media. You have a lot of control over the appearance of share buttons, as well as their placement on your website.


A floating social sharing WordPress plugin that helps you get more likes and shares on your content. You can choose to display your social sharing bar at the top, bottom, left or right sides of your post content.


This tool makes it incredibly easy for your visitors to share snippets of your content on social media. They can highlight any passage and tweet it with one click.


This tool makes it easy for your site visitors to share your images on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, and link back to your original post. All they need to do is to mouse over an image on your site, and then they can share it on social media with one click.


Twitter has taken away share counts, but NewShareCounts can fix it. NewShareCounts can only track shares that happened no more than a week prior to installation. The good news is, NewShareCounts is able to detect new shares within 60 seconds on average.


Another tool to fix Twitter share counts on your site.


OpenShareCount amends Twitter’s default share button by adding a bubble beside it that displays the number of URL mentions on Twitter.

Social Media Ads

Before launching your Facebook ad campaign, use this simulation tool to determine the traction you could be getting through paid ads, by testing out different monthly budgets and remarketing options.


Create ad mockups for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to see how they look across different platforms, placements and devices.

Content Marketing

Content Curation

BagTheWeb helps you assemble and organize web links you find most interesting into cohesive units called “bags”. Networks of bags can be linked together to gather detailed information on any topic.


Storify is a content curation tool that revolutionizes digital storytelling by sourcing content from social networks and letting users embed tweets, Facebook status updates, Flickr photos, videos, etc. in their social stories. is a fantastic tool for discovering hidden content gems across the web. By delivering daily streams of quality content to you, it’s a real time saver.


Listly makes it easy for marketers to create lists by curating different types of content (YouTube videos, Soundcloud, images, etc). Others can vote your lists to make them rank higher. You can also embed lists on your website.


Quite simply, this tool automatically collects links from top Twitter influencers to help you find quality content.


Feedly replaces Google Reader as the best RSS app people use to stay on top of news and articles. Great for content curation.

Content Creation

A great online tool for creating interactive and dynamic quizzes.


Creating attractive visuals has never been easier. Using Canva, you too can create infographics, social images, posters, banner ads and a lot more, simply by tweaking pre-built templates or creating your own.


Piktochart’s drag-and-drop visual content platform is perfect for creating infographics, presentations and posters. Their library of 600 professionally designed templates comes in handy too.


Great tool for creating animated videos and presentations. With a free account, you can create videos of up to 5 minutes, and have access to limited creative resources.


WeVideo is a cloud-based collaborative video editor with a simple interface. The free version allows for five minutes of video publishing per month in 480p resolution.


Pablo is designed for creating stunning social media images, and integrates with Buffer.


A graphic design tool for photo editing, collage making, and more.


A simple tool for creating beautiful visual quotes for social media.


Great tool for generating blog topic ideas. Fill in the fields with 3 keywords related to what you want to write about, and this tool will generate a week’s worth of relevant blog post titles for you.


Another neat tool for getting blogging ideas when you struggle with writer’s block.


Great content tool for exploring topics and questions surrounding a keyword, complete with data visualizations.


Soovle lets you see autocomplete suggestions from Google, Wikipedia,, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon.


Placeit is a mockup tool that allows you to drag and drop your image to a template and create beautiful imagery to promote your brand or service. It has a wide variety of iPhone, apparel and print mockups, and you can even make your own videos. The free version puts size limits on the images and videos.


Another image creation tool, which features 940,000 background photos, 310+ templates, 1,900 Google web fonts and more. With the free version, you can create up to 10 images per month, with limited access to resources.


Free data visualization tool that helps you better illustrate complex issues. The Drag & Drop feature makes it easy to create stunning visuals.


This survey tool with built-in gamified elements helps you create entertaining questionnaires that get great engagement across all devices.


Renderforest provides free tools for creating professional intro videos, animations, slideshows and music visualizations in minutes.

Content Analysis

This free tool analyzes your content based on the audience you choose, and offers insights and feedback accordingly.


This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score.


Video hosting software with a twist. Wistia lets you add CTAs and email capture forms to your videos, as well as providing heatmaps and in-depth analytics showing you how users interact with your videos. All of these features are available for 3 videos if you’re a free user.


A content analysis tool for finding the most shared content for any topic or domain. Great for competitive research and discovery of viable blogging topics.


Sumo’s Content Analytics app shows you exactly where your blog readers stop reading so you can adjust copy or insert CTAs in the right places to maximize conversions.


As the name implies, this tool assesses the readability of your content by measuring a few different readability indicators.


A great online app that helps you write concisely and clearly. Paste a passage into the tool and receive constructive feedback on unnecessary adverbs, the use of passive voice, overly dense passages and more.


A WordPress plugin that checks spelling, style, and grammar.


Wondering if your headline is any good? Use this tool to find out. Not only does Headline Analyzer give you a detailed assessment of your headline, it also provides tips that can help you write better headlines in the future.

Influencer Marketing

PeerReach analyzes your connections and interactions to determine your interests, and then match you with the most relevant influencers. You can compare and assess your PeerGroups, their levels of influence, and join conversations with like-minded people. PeerReach uses an algorithm to rank influencers based on the interaction they receive in a specific location.


Find Influencers and analyze any social account across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Mainly a Twitter analytics tool (as mentioned previously on this list) that also has a small Twitter influencer finding component.


Use Tweepi to find relevant users (based on interest, lists, tweets, full name, company name, location, etc) to follow, engage and start conversations with.


Want to know how many of your influencers’ Twitter followers are real? Use this tool to find out.

Email Marketing

Email Newsletters

As one of the most well-known email marketing platforms, MailChimp makes it easy to send email newsletters by providing email templates, pre-built marketing automation workflows, and signup forms. The free plan covers up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.


An email marketing software that is designed for ecommerce businesses. Besides its personalization features, this online software makes it easy to segment your audience. It is free to use for the first 100 contacts.


A Chrome extension that works to enhance your Gmail, by allowing you to automatically send follow-up emails, schedule mass emails to be sent later, personalize, track email open and click rates, and more. The free version allows you to send up to 50 emails per day.


Real examples of great email copy for every type of email newsletters.


SubjectLine audits your email subject line by evaluating it against email marketing best practices.

Getting Subscribers

Getting email subscriptions without being too pushy. This tool lets you politely ask your visitors for their email address after they scroll down your page.


PPC Management

AdWords Scripts provide a way to automate routine AdWords tasks using simple JavaScript.


Great PPC tool that turns your keywords into different match types – broad, phrase, exact, or a combination of them.


Phrase Builder enables you to build large lists of keywords by combining existing keywords.


As the name of the tool implies, it generates typos for your keywords. This could be useful if you’re only using exact match types in your PPC campaigns and opt out of AdWords’ close variations feature.


Enter a topic, and this tool will suggest pre-defined keyword groups (grouped around niche subtopics) that you can export.

PPC Analysis

This tool audits your Google AdWords account and then generates a report on your AdWords performance based on Quality Scores, wasted spending, clickthrough rates, ads, landing pages, and more.


Great keyword research tool with an Excel-like interface that allows you to gauge the performance of keywords on the Bing Network.


A free evaluation of your Bing Ads account to help you understand how well your account is performing.


Enter the number of clicks and CTR for two separate ads, and SplitTester will tell you how likely these two ads will produce different long-term results.

Web Analytics

An all-in-one dashboard for monitoring all your data, including social media, email, SEO, and SEM. The free version supports up to 5 widgets.


Quill Engage sends you emails explaining your Google Analytics data in plain English. The free version is limited to 1 basic Google Analytics email report that can be scheduled weekly and monthly.


SimilarWeb gives you insights on any app or website. This can be useful if you want to compare digital marketing performance between your business and that of your competitors. SimilarWeb can track traffic data, SEO, social media, Display Advertising data and more.


A must-have analytics tool. With it, you can monitor your site’s organic traffic, identify crawling errors, submit sitemaps, check your site’s mobile responsiveness and more. This article gives you detailed information on using Google Search Console’s Search Analytics Report.    


A must-have freemium analytics tool that tracks comprehensive data for websites and apps.


Comprehensive analytics software that delivers data on engagement, retention and marketing funnel. The free version is limited to 60 days of data history.


Hotjar helps you understand your web and mobile site visitors and discover opportunities for growth. Specific features include heatmaps, clickmaps, scrollmaps and visitor recording. The free version is limited to collecting 2,000 pageviews per day and storing data for 3 months.


Segment is integrated with 180+ platforms — including MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Salesforce — so that marketers can use a single dashboard to funnel all the collected data to the tools they use without having to file a task.


Bing’s suite of tools that helps you understand your site’s performance, and gain insights on the channels and search terms that bring people to your site.


This heat map tool shows you exactly where people are clicking on your site. The free version is limited to 1,000 clicks per campaign.


Landing Page Optimization

Connect your Google AdWords account, then this tool will quickly assess your account history in the last 90 days and identify your top five landing pages in terms of spend. It crawls those landing pages checking for marketing best practices and content relevant to your AdWords PPC campaigns.


A tool that can be used to create A/B tests within Google Analytics and provides a quick way to test your landing pages while requiring very little code implementations.


UsabilityHub offers several types of usability tests including 5 seconds test, click test, and nav flow to help you uncover issues with your website from the help of real people.


A free usability testing tool powered by UserTesting. You can sign up to get a 5-minute video of a person using your website or app.

Lead Generation

Find anyone’s corporate email address with Norbert. The first 50 leads are free.


Learn everything about your leads — their job title, employer, email address, social media profiles, traffic sources, which pages they have visited, etc — with Hubspot Marketing Free in real time so you know which pages, offers and traffic sources are converting.


Hello Bar shows the right message at the right time to your website visitors by displaying a floating bar at the top of your webpages. This can be handy for capturing new leads, email subscribers or growing your social following.


Sumo Welcome Mat displays a full-screen CTA to visitors when they land on your site. You can use it to grow your email list or direct visitors to a piece of content.


Remind visitors to join your email list, read your latest case study, follow you on social media or download an eBook with this floating bar that can appear at the top or bottom of your website.


Free lead tracking software that provides detailed analytics on your leads, automatically updates lead status, and measures the ROI of marketing campaigns.


Hubspot CRM makes it easy to organize, track and grow your pipeline, by automating routine sales tasks, tracking customer interactions, delivering deep insights on each lead, and providing a dashboard where you can learn about your entire sales funnel.

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