11 Active Twitter Chats for Busy Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Twitter chats are putting the “social” back in social media.

The value of Twitter chats is built upon the exchange of ideas, by gathering together people from all walks of life to discuss a specific topic, at a specific time, using a specific hashtag.

During Twitter chats, you’re encouraged to voice your opinion, ask questions, and initiate conversations with fellow participants. Whether you’re looking to connect with prospective customers, learning from industry experts or growing your Twitter following, it’s easy to see why it’s worthwhile to carve time out of your busy week to participate in Twitter chats of your interest.

For that purpose, I conducted research on 52 relevant Twitter chats to find high quality ones that would be beneficial to startup founders.

I was specifically looking for these qualities in my vetting process:

— Large number of participants

— Hosted by a credible company or public figure

— Topics of discussion are relevant to business owners

— High level of engagement between participants, in terms of likes, retweets and replies

In the end, 11 Twitter chats passed with flying colors. Check out the infographic below to learn more about each one of them.

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Flora Pang

Flora Pang is a digital marketing strategist specialized in turning startups into success stories. You can also find Flora on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.


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