15 Landing Page Optimization Tips in Fewer Than 140 Characters

Picture this scenario: It’s an ordinary Tuesday evening, and you’re working late as usual. The stress of the past week is weighing you down. Your mind keeps wandering to that Hawaii vacation you’ve been dreaming about since college, and you secretly wish you could take that trip right now. You casually open a new tab in your browser and begin typing “best Hawaii resorts” in the Google search bar, just to see what comes up.

An ad immediately catches your attention.

best starwood

Oceanfront dining, pools and lush landscapes? Hell yeah, you are signing up for that!

You excitedly click on the ad, hoping it would take you somewhere magical.


The landing page features a beautiful photo of the resort that immediately takes your breath away. This definitely looks like somewhere you would rather be right now.

Upon taking a closer look at the copy on the page, you can’t help but wonder if this resort offers all the amenities that were mentioned in the ad, as the landing page seems to focus primarily on the daily breakfast. You can’t even be sure that this resort is located in Hawaii, until you quickly scan the little paragraph below the sub-headline. And what about this “location, location, location” headline that is the hallmark of real estate ads? Somewhat confused, you hesitantly press the back button.

You decide to give the second ad a try. Booking 4 nights and getting the 5th one for free sounds like a good deal.

best hawaii resorts

You are greeted by this simple landing page:

turtle bay landing page

While the navigation bar is certainly distracting, it only took you a second to locate the offer promised by the ad (“4th night free” instead of “5th night free”, but hey, no one is complaining). The gigantic “SAVE 25%” (in a font almost as big as the logo of the resort) right above the CTA (“Book Now”) is as eye-catching and tempting as can be. Now it’s up to you to book that trip, if you so desire.

This goes to show that the effectiveness of landing pages can really make or break a campaign. Even though the ad at the top spot was clicked on first, its landing page fails to represent the logical next step that would propel visitors to take the call to action. The second landing page has a clearer message but still has room for improvement in terms of creating a natural cognitive progression for the customer.

No matter what types of campaigns you are running, chances are you will need landing pages. Landing pages play a huge role in getting your site visitors to take specific actions — booking a trip, subscribing to a podcast, signing up for a webinar, requesting a product demo, etc. If you are devoting a sizable budget towards driving traffic to these landing pages, optimizing your landing pages becomes just as important as optimizing your ads.

So before you pack your favorite swimwear for Hawaii, take a note of these 15 digestible and tweetable snippets of landing page optimization wisdoms.

Bon voyage!

15 Landing Page Optimization Tips In Fewer Than 140 Characters - FloraPang.com

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